7 must-eat-food in Hokkaido!

The famous food in Japan, from the fresh sashimi to the boiling hot sukiyaki, not forgetting beef rice and pork bone ramen; even though you can find Japanese cuisine everywhere in the world, but it is still best to taste it locally!

Hokkaido has always been the favourite spot for families, or those who love onsen or skiing. Today, I will introduce you to 7 must-eat cuisines in Hokkaido!

1) Sapporo – Famous classic Sapporo Miso Ramenすみれ

Minami 3 JōnishiChūō-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaidō, 98 meters from Susukino

In Japan, different areas produce different types of ramen, while in Sapporo, miso soup used as the soup based for the ramen. Sumire Ramen is located in central Sapporo, during weekdays, it is open from 5pm to midnight 3am, it is the best choice for supper~ It has all types of popular ramen, which includes miso, soy, and salt based soups. すみれ 昔風ラーメン is most recommended, the flavoursare created based on the old Japanese flavours, which brings you back to the olden day Japanese cuisine. The appearance of the ramen looks like the dishes in the ancient day drama.

2) Soup Curry

5-5-1 Minami 4 Jonishi Chuo-ku Sapporo Hokkaido

Curry is a common dish in Hokkaido~ In Sapporo, you can find special curry soup based! The popular Suage, they used the best ingredient in Hokkaido, such as Shiretoko Chicken and fresh vegetables, together with the spicy soup curry, it gives a special and delicious taste to the famous Sapporo dish.

3)ShiroiKoibito 白い恋人 White Lover

2-2 Miyanosaw, Sapporo


Most of the tourists will not miss out the White Lovers Park in Sapporo. Regardless of your age, you will enjoy the park! Besides its famous chocolate, you must also try the fresh desserts in the café! It is decorated with a unique packaging and taste very delicious, the pictures shows the most recommended matcha and chocolate mousse cake. Not only does it look great, it taste great too~

4)Lavender Ice-cream

Farm Tomita, 15 Go Nakafurano Kisen Kita, Hokkaido

Speaking of summer in Hokkaido, it will remind you of beautiful hanadas (flower fields), especially lavender fields! Have you tried lavender ice cream from Tomita Farms during the summer? It is rare to find lavender flavoured ice cream. The lavender is a perfect match with the fresh milk from Hokkaido; together they form the delicious lavender ice cream! Worth trying it!

5)Melon / Melon Bun

Tomita Melon House, 3-32 Miyamachi, Sorachi-gun, Nakafurano-cho 071-0714, Hokkaido (Opposite Farm Tomita)


If you are a melon lover, you have to come to Tomito Melon House to try out the juicy and tasty melons! Not only fresh melon, you can also try out the freshly baked melon cake, it is a local favourite! It is a great place to enjoy juicy melons while watching the natural scenery!

6)Furano Cheese Factory

Azanaka 5, Furano City, Hokkaido


For those who drive and travel, you must not miss out the Furano Cheese Factory! The factory lets visitors observe the production process of the local camembert type cheese. Besides that, you can also get to taste the fresh milk, milk pudding, and Italian cuisine from the café next door! You can also try out its famous milk ice cream; it is a satisfying tasting trip!

7)Asahikawa Ramen Village旭川拉麵

〒079-8421 Hokkaido Prefecture, Asahikawa 永山11条4丁目パワーズ内

A Japanese popular idol group, Arashi’sfavourite Asahikawa Ramen Village in Hokkaido, how could you miss it? It has been open since 1947 and is famous for its chemical-seasoning free broth. Together with the super sweet corns and tender pork, the broth is enhanced with butter which slowly melts in the broth, it is one of the well known ramen restaurants in Hokkaido!