The most grandiose Shinto Shrine – most gorgeous day in Nikko Tosho-gu

It is located at the Tochigi Prefecture above Tokyo, has never been a famous tourist spot. It is because of the low accessibility and less and dispersed tourist spots. Since the transportation is convenient now and more people drive during travel, many families or couples from Hong Kong visit this historical Nikko every year and enjoy the quiet scenery here.  If you visit here in a right timing, there are many maple spots in Nikko City. DSC03211

The Shinkyo next to Tosho-gu is a famous maple spots. However, when I went there, the trees have already withered.

  The Shinkyo next to Tosho-gu is a famous maple spots. However, when I went there, the trees have already withered. Nikko City, as the main tour city in Tochigi Prefecture, the “Nikko Tocho-gu” should be one of the signature place, which is one of the World Heritage! When we talk about Nikko Tocho-gu, we should talk about Tokugawa Leyasu. If you have played Samurai Warriors or Nobunaga, you must know who he is. For those who don’t know who he is, simply in mind, he was a very famous general who deified himself as god, and Tocho-gu was built by him. There are many Tocho-gu in Japan and Nikko Tocho-gu is the most famous one. It is because the architectural style of Nikko Tocho-gu sumptuous, the gilded palace is very impressive. It attracts many tourists to come every year. Even you don’t have interest in Japanese history, it’s still worth to visit! DSC03190

The buildings in Tosho-gu are glittering and extremely grandiose. It is impossible to find such an architecture style in Hong Kong!

  Since many attractions and hotels need to go by car, most of the people travel to Nikko by car. But if you don’t drive, there are still many ways to go to Tosho-gu and the simplest way to travel by JR from Tokyo to Nikko station, it’s a walking distance from station to Tosho-gu.


30-minutes’ walk from JR Nikko Station to Tosho-gu, or you can go there by bus

  Once arrive Tosho-gu, except the crowd, the most impressive is the endless stairs. If you go there with elderly and children, your physical strength have to be good enough! When you are getting close to the entrance, you will see the tall five-story pagoda. After taking photos, you can pay for the entrance fee (1,300 for all parts of the shrine) and enter into the Tosho-gu! DSC03182

Since Tosho-gu is located at the hill area, there are lots of stairs along the road, but it’s not too energy-consuming


After the steps, you will arrive at the Central Grand Square and crowds of people

  After entering Toshu-gu, you can see the golden magnificent building. Perhaps, people nowadays may think that the buildings are too grandiose, but it’s very consistent with the name “Tōshō Daigongen”, which is the deified Tokygawa Leyasu. Besides, inside the shrine, you can see many stalls selling souvenir and photo shooting, but the price is quite expensive. You can think about it and decide if you want it! (It’s too expensive for me to buy it…) DSC03188

Since there is no refreshment stall nearby, don’t forget to eat something before coming!



You can see the stylish building with black gold as the main tone everywhere in the shrine



The carved column and wood are very detailed and fine.



Except visiting the appearance of the building in the shrine, there are regular worships in the temple, however, it may be too difficult for foreign visitors.



No matter where you go, the buildings are so similar, but the details of the buildings are totally different.

There are many fine craving around Toshu-gu and there is one you should pay attention to, which is the Nemurineko (Sleeping Cat) at the Sakashitamon Gate. There are many meanings about that, but I believe the argument of “When cat is sleeping, which mean there is no chaotic rats, that means the war has subsided into peace and prosperity.” Anyway, you can read the detailed explanation at the gate. After passing through the gate, you will find the long stairs again, the stairs are longer than the previous one, but when you arrive at the top, there is an exciting placard. If you know Japanese, you will smile at it! DSC03196

The famous sleeping cat! Everyone will stop at the gate and take photo

  After passing through the gate, you can see many gorgeous buildings. One of them is a round stones, but many people are queuing for seeing it. It is said that this is the tomb of Tokygawa Leyasu. You can feel the respect from the expression of the Japanese. But since it’s not very impressive for foreign tourists, I skipped it! DSC03197

After passing the tomb and continue to walk and go back to the square at the entrance.

  Then you can go to the left which is a bamboo path. It is the way to Futarasan jinja which is located next to the Toshu-gu. People said that this is the place for praying for birth. It’s less popular than Toshu-gu! DSC03204

It’s only 3-minutes’ walk from Toshu-gu to Futarasan jinja. The Bamboo path is the hotspot for taking photo!



Whether you want to enter for paring for marriage or birth, it’s totally up to you.

  The official URL of Nikko Toshu-gu (entrance fee, opening hour, access information):