Study abroad in Hokkaido University – [Japanese Culture: Autumn Festival]

Most of the articles are about Japanese food and travelling, today I will do something different, let me introduce you to– Japanese university culture! You must not miss out the local university festival! Every year, Japanese universitieswill name the festival, this year, it was named “Cold Blue Festival”. Does it matches the autumn season? (smile) Walking around the university, you can smell the delicious food spread throughout the university. All the societies take part in avariety of Japanese food stalls: fried noodles, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, fried chicken(揚げ物)and etc. Also, each store has its own marketing technique! 12115582_10205164408046200_4886295708150031963_n
This guy was using Pikachu costume to attract more customer!
The fast takoyaki only requires 10 minute wait! The taste is really different here, you can taste the fresh octopus! They are very generous with the red ginger too, it gives the takoyaki a strong ginger taste. It is very o ishii~!
You must not forget about the dumpling! When I was sitting near the dumpling stall, I saw a few Japanese girls eating these boxes of dumpling and they kept repeating「おいしい!」(very delicious!)I couldn’t resist it too. It is very very delicious! The student would grill the dumplings on the hot pan, pour in some water and quickly cover it with the lid, the dumpling is crunchy on the outside and juicy inside, I was very surprised with their dumpling grilling skills. (smile) 12170164_10205208901038497_478093961_n 12179648_10205208902558535_501212348_n
Some of them are preparing okonomiyaki, the price was very cheap too! 12107067_10205164404566113_231979971734510921_n 12170751_10205208897558410_1229544837_n
There were also students from the Tea society who prepared tea for the customer on the spot! It is not easy to brew traditional green tea, the tea etiquette from boiling water until serving a cup of green tea is not that simple. When the hot water is poured into the cup which contained green tea, if you stir slowly it will turns into bubbles, it requires a lot of skills. The guest has to turn the tea bowl to the left, repeat it twice, to indicates that he appreciates the tea, before he enjoys it~ Enjoying the tea dessert while experiencing the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, it also calmed my mood~
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The classroom were decorated with different themes, such as Kumamoto bears and Doraemon, it’s like walking into an animation scene!
Walking along the corridor I heard someone singing, some of the students were performing live music! Their performance was very good! Live music is very popular among the youngster!
Finally the first day of university festival ended with a fireworks show! Dazzling fireworks shot into the night sky filled with stars, it is such an unforgettable memory!