Naruto? Let’s pursuit for your warrior soul together!

Have you heard of Naruto before? As the Japanese super fans, it’s impossible that you‘ve never heard it before. This most famous animation over the world has been serialized for many years already. This has attracted the curiosity and passion of people about ninja.
Ninja’s fight ©m-louis

So, do ninjas really exist and where are they living?

In fact, ninja is not a imaginary character. Of course, the real ninja do not have those exaggerated anti-science Ninjutsu as in Naruto. But, the ninja cultural in Japan is real. In the Kamakuru era (thousands years ago), there were ninjas in Japan and mainly divided into two faction. They were Iga and Koga. More people could be found in Iga, so, it could be regarded as mainstream. In recent years, the tourism in Nagoya begin to flourish and Iga attract many ninja fans to visit. So, how does Iga look like as the hometown of Ninja? When you arrive Iga, you can find that the decoration of the surrounding, including the train decoration, it looks like a fake ninja. Even the train uses ninja as the main decoration theme. ninja tram 2
Ninja train©m-louis

Iga-ryu Ninja Museum – the most visited tourist spot !

This entrance fee is not expensive here. The fee is less than 1000 yen even including the ninja show ticket, i.e. less than HKD70. In the museum, many ninja items could be found, for example, the weapons, their clothing, etc.. The most spectacular one is the exhibition of spices. Perhaps you will ask what the relationship between spice and ninja is. Actually, in the past, ninja could identify people by the body odor. So, when they were in mission such as assassination, they would use the spice to cover their body odor in order to prevent to be identified by other. Brilliant, right?
The guide is introducing the hiding spot of ninja©John Gillespie
Besides, in the museum, visitor can borrow the ninja outfit to have a ninja experience. Most of the visitors are excited when they are taking photo with the ninja performer, who is carrying knifes and darts. Generally, you will be very satisfied for spending two hours in this place.
Many visitors are queuing in order to take a picture with ninja©John Gillespie  
If you feel reluctant to leave, I strongly recommend you spend some times inだんじりHall, which is near the museum, before leaving Iga. You can find many souvenirs in this place, especially the ninja-related souvenirs.  
02_忍者02 Let us to explore this place together! Fina a day and visit Iga, light up our ninja soul! Address: 117-13-1 Ueno Marunouchi, Iga-shi, Mie-ken Related Posts