Learning and travelling + Free tasting – the 5 most popular learning workshop

Most of us travel in Japan only focused on the eating culture, recently there is a rising trend in “learning trips”, where you can visit these factories, not only can you learn about the production process, the best thing about the learning trip is that you also get free tastings! The famous Nissin Food Cup Noodles Factory is one of the example of learning workshops. You are able to understand more about the production process and this not only attracts many locals but also overseas tourisst. What are the most popular learning workshop in Japan?

Number 1 – Beer Factory

The Japanese’s favourite is beer! Most of the Japanese like to relax themselves and spend some time with their friends after work at the local bar, the cold beers are capable of removing most of your working stress of the day! Due to this reason, beer factory learning workshops are one of the popular workshops here in Japan. One of the most popular learning workshop, which is Asahi Beer Factory, a total of 8 learning factory in the nation, provide daily 90 minutes learning trip and you will get 3 cups of free beers too. Beer lovers, how could you miss this! Reservation: 1 Note: online booking only accepts a group appointment of 2-5 people, it will be conducted in Japanese, minimum a group of 2, if you want the learning workshop to be conducted in English, you have to arrange for it during your phone reservation.

Number 2 – Whisky Workshop

2 Ever since “Massan” was broadcaster, Nikka Whisky is now everyone’s favourite, and they announced that they are discontinuing their single-malt line-up. Now it is impossible to find any of the Nikka Whiskies in the market, but we have another option, which is visiting their distilleries! They also provide whisky tasting, make your reservation 3 days before the visit, even if you are travelling alone, it is not a problem.   Reservation:

Number 3 – Ice-cream Factory

3 Suitable for both adults and children, the famous Chateraise Ice-cream workshop does not require reservation, you can check their learning schedules on their official website and visit them directly! After the visit, there will be 20 minutes of free tasting, you can choose anything you want in the freezer room, sometimes you might even be the first to try out the new products which haven’t been introduced in the market! 4 (Picture resources:   Reservation:   Another activity for all ages, it is one of the largest chocolate factories in Japan – Morinaga! And there will be a cute toucan accompanying you throughout the learning workshop of the production process of chocolate bar!   Reservation:

Number 5 - ポテトチップス工場(Potato Chips Factory)

One of the top five must not miss naughty snacks – potato chips factory! Chips and beers are the perfect match! Make your reservation a week before your visit on their official website, I believe both adults and children will be equally excited about all the chips in the factory. 5   Reservation:   There are more learning workshops which are fun and meaningful, if you are bored with only eating and visiting the common attractions, add these workshop into your itinerary, most of them accept online reservation, and some don’t require a reservation, you only have to check the schedules online and see if it opens for visitation!   Use your NIINJA WiFi to check the learning workshop schedules!