Be a one-day glamorous courtesan, the unconventional Kyoto geisha experience!

When visit Kyoto, one of the must itineraries is to wear the Kimono and walk in the city to take photos. If you want to make it more serious you can rent the full Kimono set, makeup and set the traditional hairstyle for photo shooting. You can post your photos on Facebook, you will have lots of Like. Beside the normal elegant refined geisha style, many small shops also provide the courtesan experience service because the famous red light district, Shimabara, is located in Kyoto.

What is courtesan? Courtesan actually is one kind of the geisha. In comparison to geisha entertainer who only sell their talent but not body, courtesan seems more flirtatious, mature and seductive but this doesn’t mean courtesan is the (ordinary) prostitute … at least not the same on the price and the customer picking…. (For more details about courtesan, you can watch the movie <> to have an in-depth understanding)


In all, courtesans give people the impression that they are more glamorous and alluring. Their make up is different from the ordinary geisha. If you are confident to yourself or your girlfriend, experience the courtesan style in your next visit to Kyoto. In following, we will introduce a famous courtesan make up studio to you, the 『 Higashiyama Authentic Maiko Experience Kokorohanashizuku』!


This courtesan studio provides courtesan experience package that includes makeup, styling, costumes and studio photo shooting. It locates on Gokagai of Gion in Kyoto. Just on one street, the store Yoshi-ima has already spread out a strong Edo red light district sense. On a full of old-time red light district tasteful street, it’s not difficult to find this building that’s transformed from a teahouse.


After entering the shop (advance reservation is required), customer can pick and choose their favorite costumes, belt, accessories and so on, there will be a professional stylist to offer advices, you need to tell her what kind of feelings, style that you want (the easiest way is bring a photo to show her). She will start doing the hair and makeup and so on for you. They can offer the wig if needed.


When finished the makeup and get dressed, the most important thing is the photo shooting of course. Because of the styling and price issue, such courtesan experience is not allowed to go out and do the shooting on street generally. Instead of that, the photo will be shoot in a nicely set up in-house studio by the professional photographer. The studio has lots of colorful flowers and little props; besides, you can change the backdrops as well. Of course, how can we miss the Japanese umbrella and tobacco pipe! They are definitely the essence of the courtesan look. Even this is the very first time of your photo shooting, nothing you need to worry about. The photographer will guide you how to pose and how to have the vicissitudes courtesan look by using the expression of your eyes. If you’re still worry, visit the website to browse how others were posing before you go for the photo shooting.


In term of price, this courtesan package involves number of manpower, so the charge is more expensive than the normal geisha experience package. The cheapest packing cost around 11,000 yen that includes 3 photos and 1 transparent album. If you need more photos, or print into pamphlet, CD-ROM surcharge will be added.

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In the eyes of the tourist, Kyoto is a place with heavy historical sense, peaceful and relaxing. But at night, Kyoto is actually the place for traditional Japanese women to show their glamour. Although, it is more dangerous to wear the colorful courtesan costumes at night and walk in the city when compare with those elegant refined geisha costumes. However, let yourself and your girlfriend to show their unique flirtatious side in the studio at least.

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東山本格舞妓体験処 心 (東山店)
電話番号 075-533-0075
FAX番号 075-533-0076
営業時間 9:00~17:00(最終受付)