Japan’s three most famous onsen! “Kusatsu Onsen” is the best place to try out all the hot springs in a day!

Japan’s three most famous onsens! Kusatsu Onsen 草津溫泉

Those who want to try out the hot springs in Japan, always encounter the same problem, because Japan has too many hot spring areas, be it the city or even in the suburbs, it is easy to find a hot spring. However, there are too many types of hot spring with different functions, such as hydrogen carbonate baths, salinization baths, neutralization baths, sulfur baths and etc., besides the colors are different, and you can feel the difference if you take a dip. If you are a spa lover, and you want to try out all kinds of hot springs but don’t want to stay in a hot spring hotel, a place which is about a 2 hours driving distance from Tokyo would be a good option – Kusatsu Onsen!


These hot water fields are known as Yubatake「湯畑」it is one of the highlights in Kusatsu Onsen, it often appears in movies!


The whole area smells like sulphur and covered in steam.

Kusatsu Onsen is listed as one of the three famous hot springs, besides having all kinds of high quality baths; it is also famous for its spa packages. In addition to that, it is also located in the center and there is always white smoke coming out from the Yubatake. You can also enjoy the onsen performance 「湯もみと踊り」in Kusatsu Onsen, together with its unique shopping street, it is the best fit for those for those who have limited time and are first time travelers.


Most of the activities are in the centre of the street.


White smoke and spring sources can be seen anywhere in the hot spring area.

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Most of the paid public baths are concentrated around the Yubatake. (Source: Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association)

Most people would choose to stay in the hot spring hotel, most of the hotels provide baths, but you should not miss out on experiencing the grandly decorated public baths, you only have to pay a small amount, and without having the need to check in to a hotel, you can enjoy the hot spring, it is most suitable for those one day trip travellers, you get to try all kinds of bath in just one day.。


One of the most obvious public baths is Sirohatanoyu白旗の湯 which is located at the front of the Soup Haka.

Besides hot springs, Kusatsu Onsen is also famous for its snack store and souvenir boutique. Together with the white smoke which smells of sulfur, it creates a romantic scene around the whole attraction. Kusatsu is no very big, if you don’t want to experience the Japanese Onsen Therapy, you can choose instead to have a one day trip in Kusatsu, it is the best option for those who want to experience both shopping and hot springs!


There are many souvenir shops and attractions around the Yubatake.


If you’ve got time, enjoy the onsen dance performance in Kusatsu Onsen, remember the performance timing and admission fees!