Japanese Beer Fans’ favourite – Sapporo Beer Garden

Sapporo Beer Garden

If you have deep affection for Japanese beer, you must not miss this attraction.
In the Japanese food culture, beer and pork is the perfect match!
Want to experience authentic perfectly matched food in Sapporo – Hokkaido produced and factory direct delivery of Sapporo beer and freshly grilled lamb, come to visit Japan’s only beer museum bar.

In Japan’s Hokkaido Sapporo beer garden, not only do they offer free admission, you can also come to learn and explore the history of Sapporo beer production process, you can also taste the beer that is only sold in Hokkaido!
There are three restaurants, including the second floor of the hall, you can enjoy Hokkaido famous dish – “Mongolian barbecue.”
The beer garden is perfect for a walk, this is definitely the best attraction for all ages, highly recommended to all our friends!

Museum opening hour is from 10:30 to18:30.
If you are here for the barbecue, then I would suggest coming early when there are lesser visitors, after visiting, enjoy your barbecue in the noon!
(There is a shopping section beside the beer garden; it is very convenient for a shopping session after your meal!)

Sapporo beer history starting in 1876 to opened up by the government to create and make ale brewery, which is the predecessor company of Sapporo beer. The bricks and star sign used in the company building is a symbol of Hokkaido!


No worries if you don’t understand Japanese, you can enjoy the exhibition models and products in the beer musuem, it carefully introduceses the history of Sapporo Beer in Hokkaido. You will be able to have a look at all the materials and tools used in the production process! Exquisite furnishings, it is a fun place for the children.



The most special thing for tourist, would be the historical value of the various beer advertising!
From the packaging to the advertising posters, it walks you through the history of Japan.


DSC00428 DSC00427

And to see the changes in the female costumes from the traditional clothes to western clothing, and to the recent idols and sports celebrity, it shows you the trend of time, very interesting!

Finally, do not forget to try the famous beer in Sapporo Beer Garden: Sapporo Classic!
This beer only sells in Hokkaido, it would be a waste if you didn’t come and try it~
But if you can’t drink, there is many other types of fruit juice without any alcohol content.


In order to allow the visitors to experience the freshness of the Sapporo Classis and Sapporo Five Stars (only sell in the beer garden), the company utilizes a “rotary tap” to fill the 500ml beer in the mug in just 3 seconds. The infusing process is able to generate the beer bubble too.

If you would like to try all the unqiue beer at once, a set of three types of beer (500 Yen) is recommended, it includes Black Label, Sapporo Classic and Sapporo, there will be complimentary cheese too!

DSC00433 DSC00440

With different types of beer, you can identity unique taste and characteristic, especially the limited edition which only sells in the beer garden, it taste fresh and sweet, those who don’t like the bitter taste of beer will fall in love with it.

Do not forget to visit the souvenir shop, there are many unique souvenirs from the Sapporo Beer Garden which you can’t find anywhere else!

Sapporo Beer Garden

Address : North 7 Jo 9 Chome 2-10, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Zip code 065-0007
Business hours: 11:30 ~22:00 (Lasr order at 21:30)
Admision fee: free
Parking fee: free
Official website:

Sappora Beer Musuem

North 7 Jo 9 Chome 2-10, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido.
10:30~18:30(Last tasting order is at 18:00)
※Every 20 minutes, there is a visiting tour, it is free of charge. The tour takes about 30 minutes, a group more than 10 people have to make a reservation .
Mondays, (If Monday is a holiday, then the following Tuesday) , December 31st, special holidays,
free admisison, tasting is charged accordingly.