Food Quiz: Can you distinguish Osakayaki, Shiroyamayaki and Monjayaki?

If you choose to travel to Japan, I believe you should have some knowledge about Japanese food. The common street food should be Okonomiyaki, but if someone asks you what that is, many people will answer “Osakayaki”. Actually, Okonomiyaki is a generic word. In different places, it can be regarded as “Osakayaki”, “Shiroyamayaki”, “Monjayaki”, etc. But, many people think that Okonomiyaki is just some mixture of flour, vegetable and meat. It’s totally wrong. The cooking methods are totally different among those. If you would like to know which one you are eating, let’s see the following introductions!

每逢慶典每見的大阪燒小攤位,在街頭也很容易見到(source: can see many osakayaki stall at the street during festivals.(source:


Okonomiyaki always refers to the Osakayaki with Kensai flavor. It is because this method is the most popular cooking method in the Kensai area. As you know, to make a traditional Oskayaki, you have to mix the pork, spinach and flour, then heat it on Teppanyaki, then add some dressing, mayonnaise, bonito, etc. Osakayaki is featured with its long stirring time, the texture is relatively soft and the proportion of flour and other ingredients are moderate, it’s good to have it as a meal! Also, the cooking method is very simple since the ingredients are stirred together and you just need to flip it without pressing. There are many stalls where you can make your own Osakayaki in Osaka. Though the price is relatively higher than the one you can eat it on the street, it’s a nice option to make your own Osakayaki together with your friends!

大阪燒份量適中之餘味道最合普通人口味,難怪最為有名!(sourse: proportion of Osakayaki is moderate and most of the people like the taste. That’s why it is so popular! (sourse:

大阪燒的要點之一就是麵團中有很多空氣,讓口感更鬆軟The main point of Osakayaki is the air inside the dough, it makes it softer.


If you have travelled the Hiroshima before, you probably have the below experience: Why the portion of Shiroyamayaki is much bigger than the Osakayaki, but they are all called Okonomiyaki! The main difference between Osakayaki and Shiroyamayaki is the separation of the flour and the ingredients. Firstly, place the flour on the teppanyaki, then put the meat and the vegetable on top of it. Then put the fried noddle and egg on top of it. The portion is much bigger than Osakayaki and the price is much expensive too! If you think that Osakayaki and Shiroyamayaki are the same, you are probably unable to eat the whole Shiroyamaki. For your information, it’s impolite to have food residue in Japan! If you plan to go to Hiroshima, be careful of which flavor you want to order!

廣島燒的份量通常大得跨張,一個人很難吃得完一份阿!(source: portion of Shiroyamayaki is quite gigantic, it is almost impossible for one person! (source:


The last one is the famous Monjayaki in Kanto region! Many people don’t know about Monjayaki, they always call it as Osakayaki. Although both of them are made of flour, it’s actually wrong! The cooking method of Monjayaki is different from Osakayaki and Shiroyamayamaki. Firstly, place the ingredients on the teppanyaki, then pour the flour on the teppanyaki, then chop it and stir it. Then burn part of the Monjayaki to accelerate the crispy feeling. Although the appearance of Monjayaki is quite ugly and look like puke, it’s a good beer snack as it is chopped into small pieces! Next time, if you go to Kanto Region, try the Monjayaki in some street stalls, experience the local Japanese nightlife!

雖然文字燒的外表真的…但勝在一啖一啖切開食夠爽快同方便! (source: appearance of Monjayaki is really ugly, but it’s convenience to have a bite! (source:

The above are the three famous Okonomiyaki in Japan. Although you may not be able to distinguish the different, there is a huge different in the view of the Japanese! If you go to Osaka and say you are eating Shiroyamayaki, or your are saying you are eating Shiroyamayaki when you are eating Osakayaki, the Japanese will think that it’s very strange! Although it’s only a small knowledge, next time when you travel to Japan, if possible, try to go to Kanto, Kansai, Chugoku and Shikoku and try these all three flavor, then tell others which oknomiyaki you are eating!