Check this out! 2016 the six most popular Summer Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo

Japan’s summer highlight, the promotion of fireworks festivals has begun. Have you decided which one that you are going to go?   This time we will introduce the six most popular and most representative fireworks festivals in Tokyo for you. Come and spend a very localized summer time with Japanese. (Arranged by festival date) fireworknatsu3

1.Adachi Fireworks Festival

Official Website:   Date: 2016/7/23 (Saturday)   It should be the earliest fireworks festival in Tokyo. It is also the vanguard of the following fireworks festivals.   There are around 400,000 people go to this fireworks festival every year. The firework festival location has a open space without to many tall building around that blocked the sight when compare to other places in Tokyo. 13,500 rockets were sent to the sky with in a very shot time. It worths to see it.   If you want to experience the Japanese tradition to view the fireworks on the riversides, then you should not miss the Adachi fireworks festival.  

2.Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Official Website:   Date: 2016/7/30 (Saturday)   The Sumida river fireworks festival is held next to the Tokyo Sky Tree. It is one of the 『Tokyo Big Three Fireworks Festivals』. (The rest of the two are : 『Edogawa-Ku Fireworks Festival』 and 『Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival』that we will introduce later but The Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival stops this year)   Sumida River closes to tourist spots like Asakusa and Tokyo SKYTREE. Visitors can wear the Yukata (bathrobe) to visit those tourist attractions and see the fireworks at night. This 『定番』standard dating itinerary is widely shared on Japan’s website. It is the most popular fireworks festival being voted by couples.   Estimate to launch 20,000 rockets. The largest fireworks festival in Tokyo, highly recommend to fireworks lovers. fireworknatsu4

3.Tachikawa Fireworks Festival

Official Website:   Date: 2016/7/30 (Saturday)   A fireworks festival has around 400,000 visitors every year. The location is a bit distance from Tokyo but it is very spacious.   It is less crowded when compare to other fireworks festivals in Tokyo. The National Showa Memorial Park that nearby the firework location will be opened after 6pm and it’s free admission. Visitors can relax and see the fireworks in the park. Will launch around 5,000 rockets. firworknatsu7

4.Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Official Website:   Date: 2016/8/6 (Saturday)   The fireworks festival is held in Itabashi Arakawa River, the highlight of this firework festival is the biggest firework (the diameter after blooming reaches 360m) in Tokyo.   Super impressive. It attracts over 500,000 visitors every year to feel the power of shooting 12,000 rockets onsite.   Itabashi is not a tourist area but wroth to visit if you want to see the whole sky lighting up by the fireworks firework3

5.Edogawa-ku Fireworks Festival

Official:   Date: 2016/8/6 (Saturday)   As mentioned above Edogawa-ku fireworks festival is one of the 『Tokyo Big Three Fireworks Festivals』. From quantities (around 14,000 rockets) perspective, it is the biggest fireworks in Tokyo too. According to the tradition, there are 1,000 rockets will be launched to the sky within 5 seconds in the fireworks opening. The one thing I have to say is “Don’t be late”.   Edogawa is the『下町區』 downtown of Tokyo. Why not explore the charm of the downtown in daytime.  

6.Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival

Official Website:   Date: 2016/8/20 (Saturday)   Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival is famous of its colorful and refined fireworks. The characteristic of this festival is the fireworks viewing locations. Visitors can view the fireworks from places like Jingu Stadium, Jingu Softball Stadium so and so.   There is stage set up and Japan bands and comedians (this year the super popular artist 渡辺美里/ Misato Watanabe will attend the festival) are invited to do performance. Near the location also have many stalls. It is a carnival fireworks festival. firework1 Need stable WiFI connection when travel in Japan? Want to check out the map and train timetable at anytime? Ninja WiFi is your friend!   Softbank’s latest model Hybrid 4G LTE, unlimited broadband data, 187Mbps speedy network connection, unbeatable speed, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously is the best application to share with companion and friends. National-wide coverage, stable connection, Pick up at major airports or get by couriers. It’s simple and convenient. No deposit, No cheating. Now only cost HKD45 per day. Come and visit NINJA WiFi to learn more details.  

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