Back to the Edo Era in TOEI Kyoto Studio Park

What is TOEI Kyoto Studio Park?


TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is located at TOEI in Kyoto, it is the only theme park you can see the film shooting in Japan, it is also the TOEI Kyoto film studio dedicated shooting place about Edo Era. There are many different attractions for all ages in this park. You can be the Japanese samurai and ninja in this ancient city anytime. TOEI Kyoto Studio Park is not only the storage of all the movies produced by TOEI Company, also the shooting place of more than 200 series annually. In this place, you can enjoy the amazing ninja show, also enjoy the experience of being geisha, ninja and samurai in the cosplay hall and take some photo, etc.   There are two main attractions in the park:

Mechanic Ninja House

This is a maze with full of secret equipment, traps and secret tunnels!
At the beginning, when you enter the ninja house, ninja and female ninja will give you an introduction. The design of the ninja house is very unique and challenging, adults will find it very interested. Your enemy will be the obstacle of your way, and the maze will make it harder for you to escape! You have to understand the mysterious secret setting in this ninja house, and pass through the secret tunnels, revolving doors and other traps to find the exit. ninja11

Cosplay Experience

You can dress up as your favorite character and walk around the studio park. Ladies, you can choose to dress up as courtesans, geisha, Japanese princess and street girl. Gentlemen, you can choose to dress up as Japanese prince, ninja, etc. Your costume is set by the professional stylist who is working in the real studio. The professional staff really highlight the cosplay atmosphere.

Kyoto cultural crafting experience

Experience of making Kyoyaki, kiyomizuyaki, kyosendo and potter. ninja9

Photo of TOEI Kyoto Studio Park


TOEI Kyoto Studio Park Information

Name: TOEI Kyoto Studio Park
Address: Uzumasa Higashihachiokacho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8161, Japan
Access: 5-minutes’ walking distance from Uzumasa Hachiokacho
Telephone: 050-064349
Entrance fee: Adult: 2,200 yen; Elderly, children and junior or high student: 1,300 yen; Age 3 to Primary 6 student: 1,100 yen
For more details, please refer to the office URL: