A full collection of Japan Omamori (Part II) – Unexpected Omamori (Amulet) Super incredible

In Part I we have introduced the super lovely amulets that people love so much. This time we will introduce some unconventional amulets that are beyond your imagination  

1. Kamakura Hase-dera Watermelon Omamori 『スイカ守』

Watermelon can be the amulet!!! You really should not underestimate Japanese’s creativity.   Watermelon in Japanese isスイカ, and this Omamori can make all your wishes come true, スイスイ開運(Wealth ),スイスイ快調(Health),スイスイ快適(Traffic Safety). Whether the watermelon amulets really can make your dream come true or not, people would like to buy them for their lovely styling 8b3fc68374bcc723a0f6da3b5ed1e49c7ac76e3f @   Hase-dera:  

2.Fukagawafudoudou three eggplants (accomplish) Omamori『三茄子(成す)守り』

Fukagawafudoudou has an eggplant style amulet.   The three purple eggplants are so adorable.   Eggplant in Japanese is なす(nasu), which has the same intonation as “accomplish, achieve” in Japanese 成す (nasu). Therefore, they play with the intonation of eggplant and make it as amulet to represents “wishes come true”.   The 『 Three Eggplant Omamori』that sold in Fukagawafudoudou have different symbolic meanings 『財なす—金運招福、福なす—開運招福、人物なす—立身出世』, mean 『Fortune, Good luck and success in life 』. Once amulet fulfilled three wishes that is the KINDER of amulet. 2b698bb340b800c49fe531719bcd451841a36fc2 @   Fukagawafudoudou:  

3. Bandai-Ji Temple Kannondo Tits Omamori『おっぱい御守り』

By looking at this amulet you already know it’s a breast amulet. Do not be shy, ladies. You can buy this amulet as souvenir. It is not guarding your wish of having the beautiful breast but it is also a famous safety give birth amulet for pregnant women。 o   Bandai-ji Temple Kannondo:  

4.Kamigamo Shrine Aviation Safety Omamori『航空安全守り』

Travel lovers should not miss this aviation safety amulet. It is suitable for people who travel very often and have frequent business trips. Of course, the aircrew must buy one at least. e5c4c202eba325b862c9f55d62100be3aab341b3 @ Kamigamo Shrine:    

5. Asahi Hikawa Shrine Pet Omamori『ペット用お守り』

Dog lovers must carry one of this puppy health and long life amulet. Blue is for boy, while red is for girl. The style is super lovely. Believe puppies and their masters will love it so much   01 Asahi Hikawa Shrine:  

6. Mikami Shrine Hair Omamori『御髪守り』

Mikami Shrine is located in Arashiyama of Kyoto. Except people who have trouble hairs, many people who want to be the hair stylish also go there to worship. There has the scissors look amulet that of course for people who want to be the hair stylish. But the most popular one is the beauty hair amulet, which not only can help people to have beauty hair but also can help to grow hair. Believe it or not ~   03 @   02 @   Mikami Shrine:  

7. Tokyo Miraikan Aerolite Omamori『隕石のお守り』

There are stars and constellation pattern on the amulet, which implies making wish to the stars, also making wish to the shooting stars. Do not need to wait for the shooting stars across the sky. It is very convenient (smile).   t02200425_0450086912068793134 @   Tokyo Miraikan:  

8. Kaichuinari Shrine Wining Lottery Omamori『的中宝くじお守り』

Wining mark six is the dream of most Hong Kong people. Kaichuinari shrine’s winning lottery amulet “的中” means wishing people win in once and also win each time. Believe it or not ~ t02000180_0200018011686136694 @   1 @   Kaichuinari Shrine:  

9. Goou-jinja Waist / Foot Omamori『腰のお守り』/『足のお守り』

Japan’s amulet takes care every parts of your body. Goou shrine is used to sacrifice清麻呂公 (Kiyomaro-ko). He had a vey weak body, even could not stand. The waist and foot amulets are very famous. The amulets are well classified as foot, waist, foot sole and so. If you want to have one in all, then you can choose the foot and waist all in one amulet.   2   3 Goou Shrine:  

10.Arai Yakushi Baishoin Eye Cure Amulet『治眼御守』

All your body can have the amulet, of course, how can we miss the eyes (the window of the soul). Arai Yakushi Baishoin is famous of wishing eye get cured. Baishoin also sell 『治眼繪馬』eye cure wooden plaque.   Eyes are so important of course we need to buy one just in case. image096 @   Arai Yakushi Baishoin:    

11. Kumano Shrine Warrant Omamori『御用達お守り』

Everybody knows Japanese love soccer. However, not too many people know they even have the amulet for soccer. Heard that before the grand tournament like the world cup or Olympic eve, many soccer fans come all the way to Kumano Shrine to buy the warrant amulet to support their own team 2 @   Need stable WiFI connection when travel in Japan? Want to check out the map and train timetable at anytime? Ninja WiFi is your friend!   Softbank’s latest model Hybrid 4G LTE, unlimited broadband data, 187Mbps speedy network connection, unbeatable speed, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously is the best application to share with companion and friends.

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