A full collection of Japan Omamori (Part I) – Lovely collection Omamori that you can’t help to loving it and has no reason not to buying them

Many people buy the Omamori (おまもり) as souvenir when they visit Japan. Omamori is an amulet. No matter you believe the power of the Omamori or not, some of the Omamori are just way too beautiful that you has no reason not to buying it.   There is something about the Omamori, believe it or not? It’s up to you.   * Please do not open the Omamori. This is because when you open the Omamori, you release the God’s power inside it, then the Omamori will lose it power.   * A full year after your wishes came true, you have to bring the amulet inside the Omamori back to the shrine and ask the temple staff to burn the Omamori for you or send back the Omamor to the Shrine so they can handle it for you.   Here I has no intention to make you all to have a superstitious belief in Omamori, but simply to introduce reasons to buying to the Omamori for they are way too lovely. It is nice to have the Omamori as decoration or ornaments.  

1.Tokyo Grand Shrine (Daijingu) Bell Orchid Love and Marriage Omamori 『縁結び鈴蘭守り』

the Grand Shrine is located at Kagurazaka, I was told it is a super popular 『 Love Shrine』. The Bell Orchid Omamori『鈴蘭御守(縁結び鈴蘭守り) ) of Grand Shrine is very cutie. The flower language of the bell orchid means 『Come of Happiness』. The Omamori is wishing happiness come quickly. Heard the bell orchid work effectively. This Omamori has two pure white Be orchids. It’s the super popular products amongst the female worshipers.

縁結び鈴蘭守り Tokyo Grand Shrine:

2.Hikawa Shrine Prefect Match Love sea bream Omamori 『良縁あい鯛守り』

Sea bream (たい) and the word wish (たい) have the same intonation in Japanese. The red sea bream is Medetai (Pop-eyed sea bream) in Japanese is 『めでたい』meaning 『 Congratulation』. The pink sea bream is 『あい鯛』,『あい鯛』 in Japanese sounds the same as 『missing you』. A lovely word game Omamori. The most interesting thing is the sea bream Omamori are put inside a bucket that you need to use the fishing rod to catch them. It seems you need to spend time to get the sea bream Omamori, and same to get the fate lover. 氷川神社の『良縁あい鯛守り』 tai Hikawa Shrine:  

3. Nishiki-tenman-gu Shrine friendship Omamori『仲良しお守り』

Nishiki-tenman-gu is located at the lively Nishiki market. People visit there mainly for wishing studying, knowledge and wisdom. But the most popular one is the 『仲良しお守り』. 仲良し means get along well with people. A pair of butterflies, the pattern is so refined that ladies all love it.   This Omamori is not just implies the harmony between lovers but also wishing family members and friends can get along well and increase the popularity among people. 錦天滿宮の『仲良しお守り』 Nishiki-tenman-gu:  

4. Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine Aoi Omamori『葵の御守り』

Shimogamo-Jinja is a shrine famous of love and marriage. The flower langue of the Futabaaoi is exquisite love The Omamori is in pair that is super cutie. It delivers happiness by just looking at it. 下鴨神社の『葵の御守り』 Kifune-Jinja Shrine:    

5.Kifune-Jinja Shrine Musubi Omamori『結び守』

Ancient people use the long leaf to make a knot for wishes. Kifune-Jinja’s knot Omamori also make in “knot” shape by implying the meaning of get together OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA @ 貴船神社の『結び守』   Kifune-Jinja Shrine:  

6. Hase-dera (Hase-Kannon) Ladybug Dream come true Omamori『てんとう虫のお守りと願い叶う守』

Hase-dera is a must visit tourist place of Kamakura. There are different flowers blooming in the four seasons, so it has named as “flower shrine”. The most popular charms of Hae-dera are ladybug Omamori (traffic safety) and strawberry Omamori (Wish come true). They have the lovely shape and most visitors buy the Omamori in pair for it is said the power of in pair is much stronger than just one.   てんとう虫のお守り・願い叶うお守り Hase-dera:  

7. Mimurotoji Good Luck Omamori『良運守』

Attracted by the hydrangea omamori at the first sight. Mimuruotoji has the beautiful flower scenery at four seasons.   It is a famous 『Kyoto flower shrine』. The lucky omamori use colourful hydrangea to represents the luck increase when the color of the flower is changed. 三室戸寺の『良運守』 Mimurotoji:  

8. Heian-jingu Happiness Sakura Omamori 『しあわせの桜守』

Cherry blossom is the favorite flower of most people.  The cherry blossom shape products are very popular that people are looking for those products. Of course, the cherry blossom charm is as popular as other cherry blossom products. This happiness omamori is the love of most of the ladies. 平安神宮の『しあわせの桜守』 Heian-Jingu:  

9. Tsubaki Grand Shrine Couple Omamori 『夫婦守』

This pair of couple Omamori is way too lovely. Tsubaki Shrine is a famous power spot of getting couple together. The Omamori is made in tradition Japanese Kimono. They are very famous. It is suitable and popular for self-use or as souvenirs. 椿大神社の『夫婦守』 Tsubaki Grand Shrine:  

10. Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine Lady Omamori and Gentleman Omamori『媛守/彥守』

means lady so the name speaks for the charm that the 『媛守is only for women. It makes ladies dream comes true.   The patterns of this Omamori are mainly Japanese style.   As heard the pattern of each Omamori is different, so each of them is unique.   Do not take it as sex discrimination for they also have the charm for gentlemen. The『守』is for men but only have black color. So they are not as popular as the lady Omamori. 下鴨神社の『媛守』 下鴨神社の『彥守守』 Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine: Need stable WiFI connection when travel in Japan? Want to check out the map and train timetable at anytime? Ninja WiFi is your friend!   Softbank’s latest model Hybrid 4G LTE, unlimited broadband data, 187Mbps speedy network connection, unbeatable speed, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously is the best application to share with companion and friends. National-wide coverage, stable connection, Pick up at major airports or get by couriers. It’s simple and convenient. No deposit, No cheating. Now only cost HKD45 per day. Come and visit NINJA WiFi to learn more details.  

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