Something you don’t know about the “ Fuji Mountain Day “: “ Day Return Hot Spring” with Fuji Mountain View and the must-eat local cuisine in Lake Kawaguchi

What is “ Fuji Mountain Day “?

Fuji Mountain Day is celebrated on 23rd Feb, the date was set together by Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture in 2001. Since both prefectures encompass part of Mount Fuji, the main purpose of the day is to introduce to the public the spiritual support behind the Japanese – the Fuji Mountain. But why it is celebrated on 23rd Feb? Because “23rd Feb” in Japanese sounds very close to “Fuji Mountain”. Since the day is not a national holiday, many local Japanese have not heard of the Fuji Mountain Day too.


Celebrations events:

Both Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures have celebrations events even though it is not a national holiday. Information on the web, Shizuoka Prefecture has once promoted that day as school holiday, to let the students to learn about the Fuji Mountain.

On the other hand, the most famous sightseeing spot near Fuji Mountain, the Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture has also launched a number of activities for visitors on 23 rd Feb, 2016, including special designed fireworks which can be viewed from tour boat or get a cable car and ride up to a higher ground to get a better view of the fireworks.

There are galleries which have special offers on that day too, please click for details:

Day Return Hot Spring” with Fuji Mountain View: YURARIゆらり


The impression of Lake Kawaguchi to many Hong Kong people is only hot spring hotels. Mind you that the price of the hotels can go up a lot during peak season or holidays, a less expensive option is the day return hot spring.

Yurari of Lake Kawaguchi is a very famous day return hot spring in Japan, especially well known for its Fuji Mountain view. I went there earlier in Jan, the cold weather was just right for hot spring and together with the Fuji Mountain view, even my Japanese friend found this experience extraordinary.



1) Bring your own towel to avoid extra charge. Sometimes during peak season, free towel service is not provided.

2) Even though the view is breathtaking, please do not bring your phones or cameras into the bath, otherwise it will be considered rude. Actually the pictures taken from the outside will not disappoint you too. There is a free of charge vast room for visitors to nap or rest, best fit for road trippers.

There is a special discount for adult visitors on 23rd Feb:


Do you want to see the amazing Fuji Mountain view which even stunned the Japanese?

Fuji Mountain view Hot Spring Yurari ゆらり

Adult admission: 1200Yen (Mon – Fri); 1500Yen (Sat, Sun and public holiday)

Online printout voucher and save 200Yen:

Free connecting shuttle (require reservations) at Lake Kawaguchi, schedule and other alternatives:


Highly recommended local cuisine!

After taking a hot spring bath, it is time to eat. Nothing can beat the most popular regional dish in Yamanashi – Hoto.


Recommendation#1: “Immobility” Flat udon noodles pot


Hoto is actually a Japanese dish that is made by stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup and it is served in a pot. (I apologize for not getting a better description …) “ Immobility” is the name of this eat place, during my meal it came to my awareness that even Japanese tours came here, I believe this shop must be good then.

“Immobility” serves meatless food, together with the sweet vegetables soup, taste fresh and cool. On the other hand, there is this “Ozaku” shop, which serves meat, both spicy and non-spicy together with rich miso soup. This shop is best for those who prefers strong flavor.



  • This flat udon noodles can really fill you up, it is absolutely normal that ladies cannot finish one pot. Since ordering one pot per person is the usual practice plus there is almost no other food was served in “Immobility”, I ordered a pot per person in the end. However, there is snack being served in “Ozaku”, I suggest ordering one pot of udon and some snacks to share.
  • For those who don’t like pumpkin nor chinese cabbage, or the flat thick noodles is not your cup of tea, please take my advice: just forget this dish as the main vegetables are pumpkin and chinese cabbage. My friend nearly got the whole pot wasted, as he didn’t like pumpkin.



Recommendation#2: Fujiyoshida udon


We headed to another eat-place as I mentioned before my friend didn’t like pumpkin. This time my friend picked another udon place – Wuchuan, which has been featured on TV before, it is near to Lake Kawaguchi Station and produces Fujiyoshida udon. The name Fujiyoshida originates from Fujiyoshida city, which is at the foot of Fuji Mountain. The good quality of water here makes world quality udon. Fujiyoshida udon is famous for its firm and chewy texture, yet 2 out of 4 people found it too tough, another 2 left positive comments. Conclusion: “Immobility” seems got more “likes” than Fujiyoshida udon.


There is a light meal restaurant nearby Lake Kawaguchi, it serves Sakura meat Fujiyoshida udon. Sakura meat means horse meat in Japan, and it is one of the specialties in Yamanashi, why not give it a try.


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