The best 5 attraction spots to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo enjoy cherry blossoms night and day!

After the plum blossom season, spring is just round the corner, it is about time for the grand entrance of cherry blossoms season. There are quite a few cherry blossoms attraction spots in Tokyo, this time I would like to introduce 5 attraction spots which even the “night crawlers” can enjoy cherry blossoms at night.。



1.Chidorigafuchi Green road

Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kojimachi 1-2 kara Ichibancho 2 ( Tokyo Metro Tozai Line ; Hanzomon Line; Toei Shinjuku Line, get off at Kudanshita Station, 5 mins walk from Exit 2)


This place attracts both Japanese and foreigners to come and enjoy cherry blossoms. The area is huge, local Japanese usually arrive early in the morning and have their picnic blankets set, sit back and enjoy the day there. Not a morning person? How about walk around the park and take pictures from all sorts of angles.


If weather allows, rowing through the cherry trees can be great too. There is lit up lights at night, imagine the lights reflected from the lake surface, isn’t it romantic? This cherry blossoms spot is suitable for families, couples and friends.


2.Nakameguro Meguro

Address: Tokyo Meguro Higashiyama area 3-1 to 2-9 at Meguro (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, get off at Naka-Meguro Station and walk for 2 mins)


Nakameguro Meguro topped the list of the best cherry blossoms nightspots in Tokyo. There are cherry trees lining up on both sides of the riverbanks, both day and night views are absolutely spectacular.


Crowds usually gather on the bridge to get a good view of the cherry. The only drawback of this spot is the crowd; it can be very crowded at times. Please totally ignore this spot if you are a crowd hater.


Local Japanese are basically very polite and considerate, once they have taken the photo at the scenic spot, they will then leave the spot for other visitors, so Hong Kong people please do the same!


3.Shiba Park

Address: Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo (Tokyo Toei Subway Mita Line, get off at Shiba Park Station and walk for 2 mins)


The best thing about Shiba Park is, visitors can view the iconic Tokyo Tower and the symbol of Japan – cherry blossoms together. All photography lovers get your cameras ready as I have been told the sunset view is simply irresistible!


Since the crowd is comparatively less than other attraction spots, visitors can quietly enjoy cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Tower as backdrop.


4.Ueno Park

Address: Tokyo Ueno Park, Taito 5-20 (JR Ueno Station and walk for 5mins)


Located along Yamanote Line, Shiba Park has been a famous spot for cherry blossoms ever since Edo era, Japanese see this as a traditional spot. The park is not exactly small, however there are crowds gather on both sides of the cherry blossoms and there are street vendors selling snacks, a very busy place, which is best for families.


Perhaps you can stop by the nearby Ameya-Yokocho for cherry blossoms before and after shopping.


5.Roppongi Mori Niwain

Address: Tokyo 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line get off at Roppongi station)

 Roppongi, famous as home to the rich Roppongi Hills area. If you fancy a picture of cherry blossoms with a modernized high-end backdrop, this is the right place for you. There is a cherry blossoms slope located beside a international top end brand shop, Roppongi Mori Niwain is surrounded by modern high rise buildings, makes it like an urban oasis. This spot is like a melting pot of eastern and western cultures, traditional and modern, perhaps it fits your extraordinary taste.



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