Useful Japanese phrases: for haircutting – Part 1

I once introduced the steps on how to make appointment through the Hot Pepper Beauty website (click here: Hot Pepper Beauty), wondering whether that blog has inspired anyone of you to get a haircut in Japan, or is it the language barrier which avoids you from doing so?   I purposely wrote this blog for the below specific kinds of people  
  • those who would like to visit the hair salons in Japan, however not feeling comfortable communicating with the hair stylists
  • those who would like to live like a local Japanese, however don’t know where to start
  • those who would like to chit chat with gorgeous hair stylists ( smile)
  Please continue to read if you belong to any of the above   First of all, let’s learn the vocabulary, once you manage the vocabulary, you can start from there!
English Japanese Pronunciation
Fringe 前髪 Maegami
Hair Ends 毛先 Kesaki
Short Hair ショート Syotto (Short)
Long Hair ロング Longu
Semi long hair セミロングヘア Zemi Logu (Semi long hair)
Haircut カット Katto (Cut)
Hair Perm パーマ Pama
Hair Dye カラー Color
Hair Wash シャンプー Shampoo
Hair Treatment トリートメント Toritomento (Treatment)
Scalp Treatment ヘッドスパ Hetosupa
Hair Styling Set ヘアセット Heasetto
  Once you manage the above vocabularies and use them together with the below sentences, you can communicate with the hair stylists.  

1)XX please

Simply add a noun before “Please”, that’s the simplest way to say what you want to do with your hair  

Example) Katto (haircut) please

Example) Pama (hair perm) please


2)or use the below (noun + verb) short sentences

Hair Katto       Haircut

Hair Pama      Hair Perm

Maegami Katto          Cut the fringe

Hair part line change  Change the hair part line

Hair Color       Dye the hair color


3)can use the below phrases for colors description:

Color dye – to describe the color of the hair

明るい色    ( Bright / Sharp )

暗い色         ( Dark colors )

XXを強めに     (Stronger XX color )


Below is a table showing different kinds of colors in English and Japanese

English 日文 Pronunciation
Red Aka
Blue 青い Aoi
Green Midori
Purple Murasaki
Ash Grey アッシュグレー Assyugurei
Brown 茶色 Chairo
  If you have no idea what style suits you the best, you can ask the hair stylist for his/ her advice by saying this


  but I am not responsible if you are not satisfied with the style ( smile)

This is it for the useful Japanese phrases: for haircutting – Part 1, Part 2 will teach you how to describe a bit more in depth the style you want. Moreover I will introduce a hair salon, which opens by appointments, and the service there makes you feel like kings or queens.

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