Travel around Seto Inland Sea (Setonakikai), the 6 selected Islands that art lovers should not miss.

The Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai) lies between the Japan Main Islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Geographically close to Osaka, and if you want to go to Okayama, Kagawa, Ehime you must pass through Seto Inland Sea. In the past, not too many people visited places like Shikoku, so the islands of the Seto Inland Sea are not known. As more and more tourists go to Shikoku from Osaka and as the opening of the direct flight from Hong Kong to Okayama, many Hong Kong people go Seto Inland Sea for travel.

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Setonaikai has the island weather that is very mild and comfortable. As these islands are far away from other crowded big cities, they are the best places for visitor to relax. In addition, each island has the strong artistic atmosphere; the Setonaikai art festival attracts many visitors each year. If you are art lovers, and see yourself as a young scholar but still has no ideas about the characteristics of each Setnaikai Island, then read the following introduction now.


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First, we will introduce the largest island of Seonaikai – Shodoshima. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, the travel facilitates and supports are also very adequate on the island. The first attraction spot that we will introduce is the 『 Angel Road』that’s a costal sand road. At low tide, visitor will see this sand road between islands. It’s a hot spot for dating. It’s romantic to walk on the sand road with your love, while listening to the bells that’s ringing from the hill. Shodoshima is also known as “Olive Island” famous as one of the few olive-growing regions in Japan. In addition to the Mediterranean feeling and the gardening atmosphere of the olive park, there a small windmill that’s the imitation of the Greek Aegean. Many scenes of movie “Kiki’s delivery Service” were filmed on Shodoshima. Shodoshima is a travel spot that ladies have to visit.

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In addition to the beautiful sceneries, Shodoshima also has many delicious dishes for the island is close to the port, so they have the fresh Sashimi. You can also visit their famous Soy Sauce factory. If have sufficient of time, why not visit the “24 Eyes” movie village? Shodoshima is a representative island of the Seto Inland Sea. If your itinerary has Okayama and Kagawa, then I would suggest you to add Shodoshima on your itinerary.


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In addition to Shodoshima, Naoshima is the second popular travel attraction of the Seto Inland Sea. Naoshima is known for its modern art. There are couples of museums. You can always see the modern arts pieces on the island. Naoshima is voted by the England travel magazine << Traveler>> as the 『The world’s most worthiest 7 culture attractions to travel』If you want to have a art galleries tour in Japan, don’t miss it.

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Naoshima is closed to Okayama and Osaka, the island is not big; you can stay in Osaka and take the Shinkansen to do the day trip. If you have sufficient of time, then it’s also good to stay in bed and breakfast for a night.


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In comparison to the two islands mentioned above, Inujima is less known by tourist. Inujima was famous of the granite and steel industries. Although most of the factories had been closed, but on the Island still have many refining plants and power plant’s ruins. Movie 『Iron Man 28』was took place on the island as well. Although the island has a heavy desolation feeling, but the arts and pillars on the island increase it’s mystery feeling. If you are interested in photographing historic sites and rocks, you should not miss this island. The evening view of Inujima is also stunning, and it only takes 30 minutes from Naoshima to there, so it’s suitable to visit Noshima in the morning and then go to Inujima at evening to take the photos.


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Miyajima’s fame is known, we don’t need to introduce it anymore. This Hiroshima travel must visit island also located inside the Seto Inland Sea. In addition to the world heritage Itsukushima Shrine, there is a giant tori gate. If you have time you can go up to the hill to view the scenery of the shrine from distance. Like Nara, Niyajima has the deer inhabit on the island. The deer on Miyajima Island are not as wild as the Nara’s. If you want to spend a peaceful time with the deer, Miyajima is a good choice.


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If you want to continue the modern art journey, you need to visit Toshima. In addition to the Mandarin, the most famous attraction of this island is the Toshima Art Galleries. In the pure and simply building to fee the special space art. It might inspire those art lover tourists.

Although there are not too many special sceneries on this island but it’s also nice t o have a peaceful walk and enjoy the sea breeze, it is a good choice to open up your mind.

Okunoshima (Rabbit Island)

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The last island that we will introduce is the famous Rabbit Island. Believe many people who visit Hiroshima will also include it in their itinerary. Okunoshima once was the chemical weapons invention center in World War I. After the war most of the buildings are ruined but then the island become the habitat of the wild rabbits. If you are rabbit lovers, bring the lettuces, carrots and so on to visit this island. To enjoy being surrounded by rabbits.

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In addition to number of rabbits, on the island also have many ruined buildings. If you want to do the adventure, please do not forget to bring your camera.


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