The three most beautiful train rides in Japan – sit back enjoy a relaxing journey!

Frequent travelers must have experienced the joy of traveling with the JR train in Japan. Besides the JR coaches, there are many unique tourist trains in Japan, take Kyushu as an example, there are a high number of tourist trains!

These trains do not only bring you to your destination, they are decorated according to themes, the coach seats, wall paper, stores and cafe in the coach are specially designed, it also comes with extra-large windows for all seats, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the scenery.


If you are traveling in Japan, don’t forget to take the train rides along the scenic routes! This article will introduce you to the three most beautiful train rides in Japan, remember to reserve your tickets and enjoy a different traveling experience!

JR Shikoku Iyonada Monogatari四國「伊予灘ものがたり」


It is known as one of the earliest tourist trains in Japan. Iyonada Monogatari is located at Ehime and it is also known as the most classical tourist train. It was designated as the first tourist train in the whole of Japan. It connects Matsuyama to Yawatahama. The train operates along the Iyo Sea, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of famous Seto Inland Sea and Gulf of Iyo. Besides enjoying the coastal view from the large windows, you can also enjoy a meal which is made using Shikoku fresh ingredients!


The main seats of the coach is a 2×2, 4 seater, the design features mountains and sea views with transverse seats, the scenery along the way while having a hot beverage, it is very enjoyable!

Price:About 2000 Yen for single trip (depends on the number of trips, does not include meal)
Official Website:

Hisatsu Orange Railway 肥薩おれんじ鉄道「肥薩おれんじ食堂」


Next in line is Hisatsu Orange Railway which connects Kumamoto and Kagoshima. The highlight of the train is “food”! It offers Kyushu style delicious dishes and drinks. And along the route, you can enjoy beautiful coastlines of the Shiranui Sea, as well as wonderful views of the local citrus orchards. The train will operate at a slower speed in certain areas, at time like this, you will be able to enjoy live Jazz in the train!



The train offers 2 types of coaches and seats, the first coach is facing the window, it features large tables used for enjoying the cuisine; the second coach is a face to face type dining seats, it suits couples the best. (Reservations cannot be made online)

Price:About 9,500 – 2,1000 Yen (It depends on number of trips, type of meals and set meals)
Official Website:


JR Kyushu A-Train九州「特急 A列車で行こう」


Lastly, it is also a Kyushu tourist train, the A-Train「特急 A列車で行こう」! It is similar to the previous train, where it operates between Kumamoto and Misumi. However, the A-Train does not focus on dining; it is famous for its scenic routes and designs! The coaches are decorated with a classical western style.



The seating retains the original 2+2 reclining seats. Even though the ride only takes 40 minutes, but you will be able to enjoy the scenery of Shimabara Bay. The train will also stop at Hondo Station towards Hondo Port, where you can also enjoy the beautiful port view!

Price:4,220 Yen for single trip (Kumamoto to Hondo Port)
Official Website:

The above mentioned tourist trains are just small part of Japan, there are more tourist trains in Japan, such as the JR Kyushu「或る列車」, the JR west Japan「花嫁のれん」, the JR East Japan「越乃Shu*Kura」and etc. If I get a chance, I will introduce them in the next article!


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