Summer Flower Viewing! Kanto Flower Sea the Best 5 Selection!

If you have been to Tokyo for many times, and start tired of the eating and shopping itinerary. Herewith the new ideas that we would like to recommended. Depart from Tokyo, a one day trip to Kanto flower viewing hot spots to view the flower sea and of course can’t miss the change to take photos to have LIKE from friends. These are very suitable for photography lovers.


Tokyo: Nationalized Showa Memorial Park


It’s the biggest flower viewing parks in Tokyo. Canola flower in spring and Ginkgo in autumn are very impressive. Spring season starts from March Flower Festival till the sunflower exhibition in summer. From March to August, there are different flowers blooming. The park is close to central of Tokyo, transportation wise is very convenient, is a fresh choice of your trip if you want to do some differently. However, the flower showing area is not big, if you want to see the big flower sea, then you may find it a bit disappointed.

Blooming status:


Chiba: Tokyo German Village (東京 ドイツ村)


The German Village that located in Chiba, its name speaks for itself. It’s a German gardening style village. There are over 25 thousand of Shibazakura trees in spring, in May has the originated from German’s roses in the garden with the rainy season, the 30 thousand of Sunflower in Jun are also the famous Kanto flower viewing attraction. The flower exhibition area is very big with very refined design. Highly recommend this park to ladies and couples. It also suitable for Hong Kong people who like the instant travel for it is not needed to follow up the flower blooming season.

Blooming status:


Ibaraki: Nationalized HITACHI Seaside Park (国営ひたち海浜公園)


If you want to see the amazing natural flower sea, then Ibaraki’s nationalized Hitachi Seaside Park would be your first choice. Amongst those flowers, the most known is the pink blue Nemophilas (Baby Blue eyes). The Nemophilas flower sea with the Ferris wheel of the playground from distance as the backdrop, it is a scene that Ibaraki people are so proud of.

Surprisingly, it’s very close to Tokyo. For people who like natural and relaxing travel, then don’t miss to go there.

Blooming status:


Tochigi: Ashikaga Flower Park (あしかがフラワーパーク)


Have the world famous purple 『Wisteria Tunnel』, it is the background prototype of movie 『Avatar』. Between April and May, the flowers blooming from red, purple, white and yellow in succession. That last around one month, accomplished with the Light UP at night. It is so dreamy.

People who had missed these, don’t need to be disappointed for the 2,500 roses to be bloomed afterward are also very beautiful.

Unfortunately the location is a bit distanced from Tokyo. But we would suggest people to plan to visit Edo and Utsunoiya area should include it to your itinerary. (During the Wisteria blooming open hour, it must take a look of the beauty of this world-class flower)

 Gunma: The Treasure Garden (ザ・トレジャーガーデン館林)

It’s a garden runs by the Tobu Group. I visited this garden recently to attend a friend’s wedding. If you like such refined garden, I would like to introduce this garden here. To avoid any advertising suspect, you can search the information about this garden on your own if interested.


This garden adopts the European style. It has the church and chapel that can be rented for photographing. Shibazakura and Nemophilas in April and after May, the main focus is the 3,000 roses with 1,500 varieties that create a beautiful and refined garden. If you want to spend an elegant day in Gunma, you can put it on your travel spot list.


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