For those who are single! The best three shrines in Tokyo which can enhance your love luck!


On New Year’s, some of us might be planning for a new chapter in life? If you have such plans in mind, you can consider visiting the famous shrine and ask for blessing in love while travelling Japan, enjoy the peaceful ambience of the shrine, ask for good luck in love, buy some amulets as souvenirs, whether you are alone or travelling with your other half, it would be a good experience! There are many shrines famous for its blessing in love, today, I will introduce you to the best three shrines in Tokyo, good luck with your love life!

1. Ask for blessing from couple Monkey God (Sarugami)– Hie Shrine, Nagatacho, Chiyoda!


The Hie Shrine is located in Nagatacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, it is very large in scale and has a high historical value, due to its location in the centre, and it is one of the youngster’s favourite spot too. The grand decoration in the Hie Shrine makes it popular for many Japanese festival, and the most special part of the shrine is couple Monkey god! It is different from the other shrines, in Hie Shrine, instead of having Komainu (狛犬), there is a couple of Sarugami . It attracts many couples who are asking for blessing in love life, and with year 2016 as the year of the Monkey, it is believed to have better luck! To those who are travelling to Tokyo in 2016 and want to have a better chance in love life, do not miss out Hie Shrine!

This is a couple the popular Sarugami! The Sarugami mama is holding a baby! This is a couple the popular Sarugami! The Sarugami mama is holding a baby!

<Hie Shrine>

Address: Nagatacho 2-10-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


2. Nogizaka 46 must-go place – Nogi Shrine

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Speaking of Nogi, it would remind you of Nogizaka 46! They also celebrate their Coming of Age day in Nogi Shrine, it is dedicated to Nogi Maresuke, which is famous for the Japanese – Russian War, and hence, it is famous for asking blessings for success! While his wife, Nogi Shizuko had been always his support and did her job very well as his wife, hence the shrine is famous for good luck in marriage! Whether you are asking for success in love or good marriage, or just a fans of Nogizaka 46, must not miss out this attraction!

The Coming of Age Day for Nogizaka!The Coming of Age Day for Nogizaka!

Whether you are asking good luck in love or success, it is a famous shrine!Whether you are asking good luck in love or success, it is a famous shrine!

Address: 8-11-27, Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo


3. Famous love shrine – Tokyo Daijingu


It is located in Kagurazaka which is well known as Japan’s Little Paris. Even though Tokyo Daijingu is pretty small, but it attracts many girls during hatsumode, it is famous for asking for blessing for love! You will find many souvenirs and blessing boards (ema and charms) with the love shape in the shrine, it is the famous love shrine in Tokyo! There is a special section for love blessing boards and love o-mikuji (fortunes paper), it is suitable for couples!

The famous love o-mikuji, remember to get one! The famous love o-mikuji, remember to get one!

Address: Fujimi 2 ー 4, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Even though relationship depends on ones ‘effort, but if you believe in Shrines like the local Japanese, it is worth trying out to ask for “For success in love” protection amulets, might help to change your luck in love!


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